Straight Talk specialises in helping people understand each other.

Our strength is in unravelling complexities so we can have the real conversations.

We know that every project is different and that the community and stakeholders for each project are different too. That is why we work with you to understand, tailor and deliver bespoke approaches that work for you and your communities.

We are not a traditional communications consultancy – PR, spin and manipulating outcomes is not what we are about. We bring trusted advice, sound strategy and reliability.

We are committed to working with people, providing frank and fearless advice and working with communities and stakeholders who all have a genuine contribution to make.

Our values are embedded in our name and in our practice:

Delivering quality

We strive for outstanding results all the time, using our experience and commitment to delivering rigorous and robust processes.

Working together

Our company culture is about working closely with our partners and clients and we pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We are committed to a high degree of collaboration with our clients, sharing our experience, knowledge and enthusiasm openly and generously.

Innovation and creativity

We are committed to continuously learning from our own work and from international best practice and are willing to take risks in exploring fresh new ways of engaging.  We know that people are over butchers paper! We design robust approaches that hear from all the voices, not just the loud and the articulate.

Down to earth

We communicate directly with honesty, transparency and integrity. We are present in every conversation. We say it like it is – in how we present information, how we run our activities and events and how we report.

Efficiency and sustainability

We work efficiently using well-designed systems and processes to achieve the required outcomes, protect our environment and nurture our people.